Dramatics Club 

The aim of the Dramatics Club of AGCS is to chisel and hone the innate acting talents which are there in a child.  The Club encourages the student, deals with them on a one to one basis, enabling them to come out of their shell in a small group under cordial ambience.  This year the members of the Dramatic Club were divided into four groups viz. Ariel, Spotlight, Holocene and Poseidon.  Each group worked under a Leader and an Asst. Leader.  They worked on various projects like role play, script writing, dialogue writing, mono acting and documentary film making under Teachers Incharge, Mrs R David and Mrs S Dey.


Darts Club

The Darts Club has 72 students.  They are trained for the Inter-School Darts team.  The Teacher Incharge is Miss Roma Pal.


Home Science & Cookery Club


The students of this Club meet during the CCA periods in the Home Science Lab. and learn to make various snacks for which they are divided into groups with a team leader from Class XII.   When they meet together they first plan the dishes and prepare it the following week under the supervision of the Teachers Incharge, Mrs S Manuel and Mrs M Subramaniam.


IIHM Young Chef India Schools 2012 : Kimberlean Rebeiro (Class XII-Hum) took part in the IIHM Young Chef India Schools 2012 Culinary Competition held in August 2012 and received a participation certificate and also had the privilege to interact with Chef Shawn from Australia.


Dance Club & Music Clubs


The Music Clubs (Eastern and Western) work hard at practice throughout the year and, under guidance of Mr L Chellappa and Mr K Banerjee are quick to respond to the requests and needs as required for our own School programmes, including Independence Day, Founder’s Day/Republic Day, etc.   Their performances at Inter-School contests and for special functions organized by various Associations have been much appreciated.  Members from the Western Music group have had the honour and experience to perform at St. Paul’s Cathedral for the Association of Heads of Anglo-Indian Schools’ Annual Conference at which Principals from all over India were present.


Patriotic Song Concert 2012 :  Our Eastern Music Choir gave a splendid performance at this cultural programme organized by The Hindi ‘Jyotsna’ Club of La Martiniere for Boys held on 15th August, 2012.   A Powerpoint Presentation, in which our School Principal also featured, formed a part of the programme.


With the combined efforts of the Music Clubs, a Christmas Cantata was organized on the last day before School closed for the Christmas vacation, i.e. 14th December, 2012.   The  vacation took the audience on a long journey from the birth of Jesus and the many changes – the calendar was changed to begin with the year of His birth.  He changed the lives of the twelve men who became His close friends and continued ever since.  The music, songs, dance and skit no doubt left its mark in our personal lives.


The Music Clubs play a very important part in organizing the Annual Music Talent Contest while the Dance Club members, under the able guidance of Mrs N Singh, are always ready with their dance items which add so much of colour and adds to the joyful festivity spirit.   We thank Mr Chellappa, Mr C.B. Ghose, Mr K Banerjee, Mrs N Singh and Mrs S Dasgupta for giving up so much of their time to help and guidance the students.


Bible Club


The Bible Club meets every Friday in the CCA periods. The Club has about 15 members from Class 7 to 12.  Their activities begin with a word of prayer and a singing session during which time they also learn a lot of new songs, including action songs.  This is followed by group activity and a short message and closing prayer.  The Club puts up skits and songs for Chapel sometimes.  The main aim and focus is to nurture children and inculcate in them the love for God and to get them involved in His ministry.


Our School placed overall first in the Bible Fest “Deliverance” organized by the Bible Club of St. James’ School on 7th December.  They took part in all five events and came  1st in the Bible Quiz, 1st in Western Music, 2nd in Skit, 2nd in T-Shirt Painting.   Our School returned Winners with a good number of medals, mementos and certificates.


School Band Club

The School Band Club comprises of students from Class 7 to 11.  They practice during the weekly CCA periods and learn to play the base drum, kettle drum, side drum and tambourine under Teacher Incharge, Miss R Pal.  The School Band performs at all important functions, viz. Independence Day, Founder’s Day/Republic Day and Annual Sports


Do You Care Club

We had sent 13 Peer Educators for the Inter-School Drama organized by Save the Children in association with CINI Asha on 6.11.12, the theme being “Street Children and the Right to Education”.   Our School ranked 2nd and were presented with a beautiful trophy and the participants received certificates.


The Do You  Care Club Members accompanied by a few Teachers visited Tollygunge Homes (for the aged) on 14.5.2012 and had a special programme of song and dance for them and gave them refreshments.  They also gifted some blankets to them.  On the

occasion of World Elders’ Day some of our students  joined the Walkathon for Healthy Ageing on 1.10.2012 organized by Helpage India and came back with a good experience.


CINI ASHA organized a sensitization programme in our School on 20th and 27th July, 2012, and a workshop in the month of August to create social awareness for the expansion of education of street children.


It was an indescribable moment for our DYC members when at the Annual Peer Educators Meet of CINI Asha held on January 2013 at G.D. Birla Sabhaghar the Assembly of God Church School was again awarded the BESTSCHOOL trophy for their work with the Street Children during the year 2012-13.  This was the second time in four years that our School was honoured as Best School.  Taking the opportunity of the presence of Rev Dr Mrs H Buntain with us on Founder’s Day, the trophy was handed over to the students of the DYC in the School auditorium by our dearly loved President & Co-Founder.


We would like to congratulate Mrs S Roychowdhry and Mrs S Sinha, Teachers Incharge and the students for the extra hours put in by them for this CINI ASHA project and also for the care they show to the Street Children in organizing for them a special Children’s Day programme and providing refreshments for them.  On 13th December a Christmas programme was held for them in our School premises.  Mrs McCrahan very kindly did the honours of giving away the Christmas gifts, sports prizes and refreshments.   The DYC greatly appreciated the kind gesture of the Nature Club who worked hard to make exercise books with beautifully coloured covers for the children.


The Peer Educators prepared a CD of the Annual Events of the DYC based on their work with the street children and presented the same to the Heads of Save The Children, Mr & Mrs Hugh Davidson during their visit to India on 18th Feb., 2013, at the Conclave.


The seed sown in the hearts of the DYC Club members continues to grow and spread.  You will be very happy to know that after the visit of our DYC Club to Happy Home (orphanage) last year, many of the members were deeply motivated and even though they have left School some of them, including Vicky Sheth, Amit Bajoria and Huzefa Lokhandwala, have taken the initiative to continue their assistance to Happy Home.  They now have a group of 80 members and together with the help of some of our teachers, they contribute financially towards this noble cause every month.


Deepwoods Nature Club


  • 5th June, 2012, World Environment Day saw the students of our Nature Club in full force at the crossing of Park Street and AJC Bose Road when they organized an awareness programme in the form of a questionnaire (regarding environmental awaresss, pollution control and global warming) which was distributed to pedestrians and vehicle owners covering the area near A J C Bose Road and Park Street 4 point crossing.


The Nature Club also have some on-going projects viz.


Waste Management Drive in the School

1)      Anti-Plastic Drive :  Our School has been declared an anti-plastic zone, students are required to substitute plastic bags with jute bags, cloth bags, etc., some students even made bags from old T-Shirts, cloth trousers etc .  Anti-plastic checks were conducted and plastic bags confiscated.   The School was made aware of the ill-efforts of using plastics.

2)      Pen-Recycling :   a campaign has been launched to collect maximum number of old pens/refills in boxes placed in strategic places in the School.  The collected items are to be handed over to a recycling company.

3)      Paper Recycling :  Cartons were placed on all the Floors of the School building and students belonging to the Nature Club from Class 10 were assigned to the task of collecting  the waste paper from the A.G. Towers Building and the TeachersTrainingCollege .   1000 kgs were collected for recycling.   Last year we had collected 1990 kgs which were sent for recycling.

4)      Notebooks for Cini-Asha Project :   The Nature Club members utilized the waste paper collected by making beautiful notebooks for the underprivileged children who were being taught in our School by the Do You Care Club as part of their Cini-Asha Project.


The students from Nature Club participated in an Inter-School Environmental Conservation Event organized by Apeejay School.


Students from Class 5-8 who took part in a W.W.F. Quiz secured 2nd position.


Trip to Sunderbans East :  Some of the students from Nature Club , accompanied by  Mrs S Shekar, Teacher Incharge, went on a trip organized by the WWF to  the Sunderbans East on 18.8.2012 to plant saplings in an allocated area of the Sunderbans with Funds raised by Greenathon 2011.   Rs.10,000/- worth of saplings were planted on SugarIsland around a School specified by W.W.F.  Cheques worth Rs.11920/- and Rs10,000/- were given to W.W.F. for plantation work.


Train Green Programme :  The Train Green Programme initiated by HSBC in our School has been one of the highlights of the academic year 2012.  The programme was conducted in phases – Learn – Act – Lead – Collaborate, which linked very well together and led into the final stage.  At each stage, sessions were held in the School Library, where the Mentors from HSBC and the 10 students from Classes 10-12 had very spirited interactions.  A lot of information was exchanged and a lot of learning resulted.  The Mentors worked as a cohesive team, very organized and well-versed in what they had come to do.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the fun-packed sessions, the interactions, the activities and also the food and the gift packages.  At the end of each session they were full of ideas and schemes to implement in the School and the neighbourhood.  The students were highly motivated and charged to play their part in the overall scheme of being Heroes of Change.


We are extremely grateful to HSBC for giving us a platform to showcase our efforts for the environment and for training our students to a more meaningful way of carrying on with their efforts.  We our proud that The Assembly of God Church School, Park Street, received awards for BEST SCHOOL, BEST PRESENTATION and BEST THEME while Shreya Gupta was awarded for BEST CHANGE AGENT and also received a prize of Rs.5000/-.