Commercial Studies

Class X

  1. Stake Holders in commercial Organization
  2. Communication in a commercial Organization
  3. Nature and function of marketing
  4. Marketing Research
  5. Advertising and Sales Promotion
  6. Sales and Selling Process
  7. Capital and Revenue Expenditure
  8. Final Account of a Sole Trader
  9. Financial Statements of Non-profit Organisations
  10. Fundamental Concepts of Cost

Class IX ( C & D )

  1. Human Activities
  2. Business Activities
  3. Commercial Organization
  4. Profit and Non-Profit Organizations
  5. Sole Proprietorship and Hindu Undivided Family Business (Only Meaning and Features)
  6. Partnership (Only Meaning and Features)
  7. Joint Stock Company (Only Meaning and Features)
  8. Co-operative Society (Only Meaning and Features)
  9.  (a) Public Sector Enterprises – (Meaning and Features)

(b) Department Undertakings – (Meaning and Features)

(c) Statutory / Public Corporations – (Meaning and Features)

(d) Government Company – (Meaning and Features)