Home Science

Class XII

  1. Food preparation-Techniques and methods of cooling,Preliminary treatment of food before cooking,Effects of cooking on food components,Methods of increasing nutrition,value of food
  2. Meal planing-objectives,Factors and Meals for various age group
  3. Storage of food
  4. Food Preservation


Class XI

  1. Concept and scope of Home Sciennce
  2. Careers option in Home Science
  3. Importance of Home Science
  4. Textile Finishes
  5. Textile Construction
  6. Fabric Construction
  7. Food and Health

Class X

  1. Colour
  2. Fabrics for furnishing
  3. Lighting in the home
  4. Space organization in the kitchen
  5. Budgeting and savings


Class IX

  1. Concept and scope of home science
  2. Food and Health
  3. Food preparation
  4. Nutrients and their functions
  5. Family – A unit of society