Political Science

Class XII

Section A

  1. Forms of Government : Totalitarian, Authoritarian, and Liberal Democratic States.
  2. Forms of Government : Unitary and Federal States(UK as a Unitary State, USA as a Federal State and India as a Quasi-Federal State).
  3. Forms of Government : Parliamentary and Presidential Governments(Parliamentary and Presidential Governments in the UK & USA)
  4. Constitution : Meaning and kinds, Amending procedures and Conventions of the UK, USA and Indian Constitutions.
  5. Franchise & Representation(Franchise, Election, Representation & Political Parties)
  6. Organs of Government : The Legislature(Legislatures in India and USA)
  7. Organs of Government :The Executive(Political Executive & Civil Service, Executives in India and USA)

Class XI


  1. Introduction to Political Science : (Meaning, scope of contemporary political Science and Nature – Is Political Science a Science ?)
  2. Fundamental Concepts : 9State, Government, Society, Association, Nation and Nationality)
  3. The Origin of the State : (i) Divine Origin Theory (ii) Social Contract Theory(Hobbes, Loche & Rouseau) (iii) Evolutionary Theory
  4. Political Ideologies : Liberalism, Socialism, Communism and Fascism
  5. Sovereignty : Meaning, characteristics, kinds, A hostorical analysis of contemporary issues.
  6. Law : meaning, sources and kinds.
  7. Liberty : Meaning, dimensions, kinds, relationship between liberty and law and safeguards of liberty.
  8. Equality : Meaning, kinds and relationships between equality and liberty.